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The Unique Benefits of Invisalign

If you are looking to straighten your smile, you've likely considered braces. While a great choice for fixing gaps and crookedness, another option for picture-perfect teeth is Invisalign, an increasingly popular choice for its discreetness and efficient results.

At My Braces Doctor in Fairfax, VA, we offer Invisalign treatments that can help you put your best smile forward. Here are some of the unique benefits of Invisalign:


Invisalign is an inconspicuous choice for straightening teeth. The aligners are clear and fitted to your teeth, making them invisible to others. And if you are a coffee or wine drinker, you will benefit from the stain-repelling surface of Invisalign. Leaving your aligners in while you sip your favorite drink is a great way to prevent your natural teeth from becoming discolored.


When you come to our Fairfax, VA, office for Invisalign, we take care to make sure your aligners are perfectly fitted so you don't experience any irritation or discomfort. We start by taking an impression of your teeth, which is used to create a mold. Invisalign is crafted from clear, flexible plastic and fits snugly but not rigidly over your natural teeth. Because aligners concentrate on just a few teeth at once, you won't experience the pressure and intensity that may come with traditional braces.


Your dentist at our Fairfax, VA, office will supply you with a series of aligners, each of which is worn for a few weeks before graduating to the next set. You won't have to worry about making them last months or years. Invisalign is easy to remove for brushing and eating, and you will wear them 22 hours a day.


The results of Invisalign are exceptional: after you complete your set of aligners, you should have straight, even teeth. The result is a gorgeous smile that lasts!

Call My Braces Doctor in Fairfax, VA, at 703-877-0990 to schedule a consultation on Invisalign!

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