What Is an Orthodontic Spacer?

Orthodontic spacers from your orthodontists in Fairfax, VA, can help your smile.

Orthodontic spacers perform a vital function at the beginning of your orthodontic treatment. They make room for erupting teeth. They also gently separate teeth so bands can be placed on them.

Dr. Nadia Sina and Dr. Hilda Oweisy at My Braces Doctor in Fairfax, VA, provide a wide range of orthodontic services, including orthodontic spacers, to help your smile.

Spacers are also called separators, and they come in both small elastic bands and small metal rings. They are temporary and are usually worn for only one to two weeks.

Some people don’t need spacers. It depends on individual characteristics. The need for spacers also depends on which orthodontic system is used. For example, spacers are not necessary if dental appliances, known as aligners, are used. Aligners also offer the added benefit of being able to remove them to brush, floss, and eat.

Spacers are placed on teeth during the first phase of orthodontic treatment. They create space for back molars. Metal bands are then placed on the back molars, and an archwire is attached to the metal bands.

You may need spacers if you choose:

  • Metal brackets and metal wires, which is the traditional type of braces
  • Ceramic brackets and tooth-colored or clear wires, which are more discreet
  • Lingual braces, which are attached to the back surfaces of your teeth

No matter which type of brackets and wires you choose, spacers play a vital role in gently moving teeth apart, so the metal bands can be placed. Your orthodontist can help you decide which type of orthodontic treatment is best for you and your smile.

To find out more about how orthodontic spacers can help your smile, call your Fairfax, VA, orthodontists, Dr. Sina and Dr. Oweisy at My Braces Doctor. You can reach them in the office at (703) 877-0990 today!

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